Finally, a how-to book by a kid... for kids
How To
C.O.O.K. a Bully

How To COOK a Bully book cover
McKenna Louise Little

What if...
you were in a horrible situation
with a school bully?

Hi, I'm McKenna Little and I wrote this book for middle school kids to show how to C.O.O.K. a bully with simple ways to get out of traumatic situations such as

  • Dealing with verbal threats by school bullies
  • How to handle physical threats by school bullies
  • Coping with insults by school bullies

The word C.O.O.K. stands for 4 simple strategies kids can easily use to deal with school bullies.

So, stop being teased, picked-on shoved around and threatened!

Learn the four ways to C.O.O.K. A Bully...

The "C" in C.O.O.K.:
The first step to C.O.O.K. a bully is to stay calm!

The first "O" in C.O.O.K.:
The second step to C.O.O.K. a bully is to consider that it's Okay to stand up for yourself!

The second "O" in C.O.O.K.:
The thrid step to C.O.O.K. a bully is to know that it's Okay to keep thoughts to yourself! For example, if a bully says "you're stupid," it doesn't help if you respond "Well, you're ugly." It's Okay to have a thought you don't express.

The "K" in C.O.O.K.:
The fourth step to C.O.O.K. a bully is to keep it safe. Your first, and most important, thought should be to stay safe (your legs were made for running).

Keep it Safe... Don't let Bullies hurt!


This book may rid your life of bullies forever!

It doesn't matter why a kid is a bully... this book deals with exactly what to do when a school bully targets you.

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what our others have to say.

The advice for dealing with bullies in McKenna Little's book is smart and practical! School would be a happier experience for many kids if they knew and used these ideas. In fact, they'll work for adults, too. Thanks, McKenna!

- Esther Jantzen, Ed.D.
Publisher, Jantzen Books

As McKenna's publisher, a mother of six and grand mother of four, I'm deligted that a "tween" would step-up and take action on her passion to write a book about dealing with bullies to help her readers deal with a difficult situation. McKenna is an exceptional young lady and has a big heart for making a difference, which she is doing with this book.

- Jeanette Fisher
Publisher, Author, Nationally Recognized & Award Winning Design Psychologist

If you are a teacher or a parent, you should get this practical book for a middle school student you care about.

- Carole Lieberman, M.D.

When I first heard that Mark Little's daughter McKenna was writing a book on how to deal with bullies, I was delighted. Kudos to McKenna and bullies are now formally "on notice!"

- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator Chicken Soup For The Soul book series

Bullies beware, your days are numbered! McKenna Little has her sights on you and now every kid has the tools they need to effectively deal with you.

- Anne Bachrach
America's Accountability Coach

As a published author and expert on victimization, McKenna's book will help many middle-schoolers escape the mental abuse of bullying by realizing bullying is about the bully, not the victim.

Michelle Y. Drake, Author
From the Kitchen to the Corner Office : Mom's Wisdom on Leadership

Wow! What a beautiful message McKenna Little shares in her new book How To C.O.O.K. a Bully. For years I have asked people to consider that it is only in the silence of a quiet mind and an open heart that the inner voice can be heard.
Bravo McKenna!

Dharlene Fahl-Brittan, Author


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Learn the four ways to effectively C.O.O.K. a Bully

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